10 to 100 times lower capital
costs than traditional landscaping

Dust Health

Reduce respiratory illness caused
by microorganisms carried in dust

How It Works

Our non-hazardous proprietary polymer
is sprayed in liquid form on dust-generating
areas, eliminating dust lift-off for up to 2 years

Operation and

Reduce operating costs associated with
cleaning, water and chemical inputs

Road Safety

Reduce traffic hazards and accidents
caused by wind-blown sand


Prevent road engulfment by sand
dunes by stablizing soil

Welcome To Talon


We are based at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. Talon provides dust control and soil stabilization solutions to customers in the GCC and MENA regions.

Products & Services

Talon is a Saudi Arabian based company that provides dust control and soil stabilization solutions though a uniquely formulated product range for local conditions. Our products are made in Saudi Arabia to cater GCC and MENA industry needs such as:

  • Reducing capital costs of landscaping
  • Reducing operating costs (eg. cleaning and maintenance)
  • Reducing water costs (eg. irrigation, cleaning, and dust suppression)
  • Improving urban amenity and green aesthetics
  • Protecting human health by minimizing respiratory illness
  • Nuisance caused by dust particulates
  • Improving solar panel efficiency
  • Non-asphalt road maintenance

Our products are cost effective, easy to apply, environmental friendly, durable and customizable to local conditions.

Cost Effective and Environmental Friendly Products

Compared with traditional landscaping options such as trees and shrubs, hedges, vegetative groundcover and turfs, and even xeriscaping and artificial grass. Our products are around 10 to 100 times less costly to apply, less labor intensive, flexible and aesthetically pleasing with almost negligible year on year maintenance cost.

Our products are environmental friendly and do not contain any materials that are detrimental to people or the environment, allowing for worry-free application. They also allow businesses to avoid costly and potentially toxic pesticides, soil additives, fertilizers, and fuel used in the continued maintenance of traditional landscaping options.

Why Dust is a Problem?

The Middle East and North Africa region is the world’s epicenter for dust hazards and water scarcity. Though these are natural phenomena in this region, our solutions prevent dust lift-off within facilities and reduce associated input costs that are required to manage the dust. Concerns most commonly associated with dust are

  • Health concerns- mostly associated with microorganisms that live within respirable dust particles, leading to respiratory illness, HSE compliance concerns, productivity losses through delays, and employee absenteeism through sickness.
  • Asset protection- increased maintenance and cleaning and general wear and tear on equipment is common on site where exposed to dust.
  • Aesthetic and amenity – compromising outdoor amenity, particularly in new developments, major city entry points and intersections, housing estates and outdoor entertainment precincts.
  • Traffic Hazards- limited road visibility and traffic delays resulting in traffic jams, lost productivity and accidents.


Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Integrating our products into project design can reduce capital cost and operational cost.

Water Saving

Water Saving

Our products reduces cost of water use associated with turf maintenance, pavement cleaning and site dust control

Manpower Cost

Manpower Cost

Following treatment with our products, manpower needed for dust cleaning reduces significantly.

Manpower Cost

Dust Related Illness

Areas protected by our products have demonstrated near total reduction in dust uplift, protectingstaff and community exposure to airborne dust particles.



Critical and dust sensitive equipment can be protected by product application though correctly identifying dust sources around the facility.

Road Hazard

Road Hazard

Local dust uplift around highway can create road safety hazards, with Talon application the movement of sand across road can be prevented significantly

Outdoor events

Outdoor Events

Dusty uplift from vacant blocks around public parks or outdoor events can have great impact on outdoor activities and public park usages. Our products ensure that dust uplift is minimized thus enhancing outdoor experience.

Landscape Design Alternative

Landscape Design Alternative

A Talon Color & Talon Clear blend very well with the local landscape design and provide a cost effective alternative for traditional landscaping option e.g. grass and gravel. It significantly reduce the capital and operational cost of new design.


  • Airports


  • Construction


  • Military


  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

  • Outdoor Entertainment

    Outdoor Entertainment

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

  • Solar Farms

    Solar Farms

  • Transportation


How it Works

Our products after preparation are directly applied on the surface. After application, it penetrates to lower substrates and binds the particles firmly together, thus making a soil crust that can resist tough weather conditions and protects the surface against erosion and dust. Depending upon soil type and application requirements, it can last up to several years.


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